28 February 2015

What is the Bijlmer Bridge2Hope?

The Bijlmer Project is a research and intervention based project focusing on the psychosocial needs that victims of human trafficking face, specifically concentrating on women who have been bought and sold for sexual exploitation.  The Bijlmer Project is a collaboration between Webster University Leiden and the Christian Aid and Resources Foundation (CARF). 

The Bijlmer Bridge2Hope (phase 2 of the Bijlmer Project) was launched in November of 2014 and is actively assisting survivors of human trafficking in the Netherlands. Our program addresses the physical, psychological, behavioral, social, and economic issues encountered by female survivors of human trafficking.

The core purpose of the project is to empower these survivors towards economic, social and spiritual freedom. Appropriate models are applied to equip the participants with vocational training, PTSD therapy and self-actualization/management skills in order that they can achieve a personal self-sustainability.

This blog will follow the progress of six women as they cross the Bridge 2 Hope. All six women are survivors of the human trafficking blight that is more rampant in today's society than most of us know...

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