03 March 2015

Making the best of it!

What do you do when you arrive at your meeting destination and there is no furniture, the table is gone, the chairs are gone, even the garbage can is gone…well... today we made the best of it! 

The venue that we normally use is going through a restructuring process.  To make a long story short, when we arrived today there was nothing in the rooms at all!  The cleaners were cleaning the building and almost everything was moved out.  We did not quite know what to do at first, the restructuring is happening without much notice…but resilience, creativity and a good attitude are always needed in life and we were able to put all three into action today. So what if we have no table to work on…we can make do without a whiteboard for lessons…we can still have tea, they left the kettle…we will just sit on the windowsill and floor!  

Currently we are going through a module on health, nutrition and exercise.  What a great opportunity to learn some new exercises and try them out -- there was nothing in the room to get in our way!  We used the floor space to do some glute bridges and crunches.  We used the walls to do wall pushups and wall-sits, doing a workout for both our upper and lower bodies.  After this we shared some tea and fruit while sitting on the window ledge and floor and enjoyed conversing with each other.

The day might not have been what I had planned in my lesson book, but we definitely were able to make the best of it, and learn some new things along the way. 

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