16 April 2015

Spring is in the air

The ladies have been learning how to knit and crochet as part of the Bijlmer Bridge2Hope program.  In January, we started off making cowls and scarfs to wear in the cold winter weather. The women spent lots of time practicing this new skill and made some very nice, quality pieces to keep themselves warm!

Now that spring is in the air here in the Netherlands, it is time to move onto some new projects.  Our trainer was able to be with us today, bringing lots of pattern books and summer wool with her.  The ladies were excited to learn new stiches, try new designs, and are looking forward to creating new articles.  We also were able to learn the Dutch terminology related to crocheting and knitting.  It is wonderful to see the continued advancement that is taking place.  In a few weeks, I should have some photos to update you all with the progress…

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