21 September 2015

Back in Session

Bijlmer Bridge2Hope is back in session after our summer break!  We met a few times during the summer months, and now that autumn has arrived, our regular sessions have resumed. It feels good to get back into our weekly class schedules and routines!  Our vocational trainer is working with the women to have articles ready to market for the Sinterklaas festivities here in the Netherlands, and the ladies are excited to resume Dutch language learning, they have been practicing over the summer and are continuing to pick up the language very well. In addition, their professional counseling sessions and PTSD therapy continue on a weekly basis.

Products made by Bijlmer Bridge2Hope participants

Some products made by Bijlmer Bridge2Hope participants

Making jewelry

A finished bracelet

Our group has been dedicated to learning new skills and bettering themselves, but in reality there are many daily challenges that our ladies face legally, personally, and collectively as a group. For example, money is always a constant concern, not only for day-to-day survival, but also for their children to continue to be educated.  School fees, transportation costs and required school extras all quickly add up putting lots of pressure on those in the group who have children.  The women do, nevertheless, persevere and take an active role in the Bridge2Hope program in order to see a better future for themselves and their families. 

Bijlmer Bridge2Hope vigorously works to help our survivors excel, feel confident, and regain control in all areas of their life.  However, in order to run the program and help our ladies, we do need funds.  We do this is through fundraisers, grants, and personal donations.  This spring we held the first annual Chocolate Rush competition at the Leiden Culinair festival, and it was a lot of fun! The panel of judges had some very delicious entries to taste and award prizes to.  We are all looking forward to hosting the second annual Chocolate Rush competition next year! Stay tuned to the blog for this and other fun upcoming events that will be held!

Chocolate fountain at the Chocolate Rush competition in Leiden

Also if you ever have any questions or comments about our program, what we do, and how we use our donations feel free to ask, either in the blog comments or send me a message. I am happy to answer any questions you may have!  Also, if you feel inclined to help our survivors of human trafficking, through Bijlmer Bridge2Hope project, please donate through the link on our website: http://www.thebijlmerproject.com/donate.html 

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